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“A Letter to my Younger Self”

A Conversation about Mental Health

Written by: Tatiana glover

I am so excited to share this amazing project that was manifested in conversation about mental health within our communities. In celebration with #Mental Health Awareness Week, it was imperative that I used this time to reflect on my journey with my emotional and mental relationship. I felt that it was necessary to share my personal thoughts on the lack of inclusion or safe spaces for young women to discuss their struggles or experiences with self-love. As we continue to grow our online community with our #MahoganyGirls, we hope that this short film "A Letter to my Younger Self" serves you as inspiration, hope or a reminder to love yourself.

Thank you to our filmmaker Aicha Cherif, for collaborating to create this beautiful manifesto! In celebration, Mahogany is auctioning every 1/1 gowns that are showcased throughout the film. We will be donating twenty percent of proceeds to a non-profit, Black Women's Blueprint to celebrate the amazing work that these women of color are doing( -and doing well!) The bidding process will begin on October 8th and take place until  October 12th. We will be selecting the highest bidder for each gown and those selected will have the opportunity to have a 1/1 Mahogany gown.

Starting bid will be for $110.00 and up.

We hope that this project is bigger than the brand and our message will resonate across the world to other young Black and Brown girls to inspire, share self-love and healthy conversations about mental health.

You can shop the collection now, click here!

Mental Health Awarenes Week takes places from October 7-13th.

Mental Health Awarenes Week takes places from October 7-13th.

Recognizing the Beauty in Blackness

Written by Manna Zel