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Who We Are


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About the Founder,

Tatiana is a 20 year old New York native living in the Bronx. She currently attends Parsons The New School majoring in Integrated Design with a minor in Fashion Communications as a Junior.  She is a collaborative designer as she likes to mesh her digital designs skills and fashion aesthetics. She is currently freelancing as Creative Director for her niche brand Mahogany which  she launched in 2018 . Tatiana is the youngest daughter of five GIRLS raised by her single mother, Lisa. Tatiana is constantly inspired by the women in her life which is the sole inspiration for the brand.

I believe that success is measured beyond your own self achievements and accolades.

Tatiana wants to be an example for other young black and brown girls illustrating that  defining your beauty isn’t just outer appearance but your internal joy and self love. She create messages of work that reflect her love for black culture, family and her take on the world. Tatiana believes that if we strive as a society for inclusion, diversity and embrace our differences the world can be a more unified place.





Mahogany is a multimedia concept brand shifting the narrative of women of color through fashion, inclusive storytelling and empowering social media content.




lookbook photographer: Giancarlos kunhardt

Contributing Photographer: Ashley Caba